2 Simple Ways to Make Money Online, Just for Beginners

In current generation world, it has become very important to make money in several ways as possible to lead a healthy and wealthy lifestyle. The Internet has given us the great opportunity to make money online.

There are both advantages and disadvantages when it comes to making money through the Internet. One who carefully learns the tricks will become successful in making money online. Here are some best ways to make money online.

1. Blogging

Blogging is undoubtedly the best source to generate passive income. People who understood the power of blogging are making thousands of dollars every month. These are the words that are really important to become a successful blogger – patience, knowledge, presentation, honest. While blogging career can generate non-stop income only less than a percentage of beginners become bloggers after few months.

The main obstacle that filters almost half the crowd who starts a blog is the lack of patience. Blogger should have a lot of patience to become successful. After starting the blog, the bloggers should work hard as they move towards their goal. Since ever the Internet has become more crowded, giants like Google took action to prevent newcomers from spamming the Internet. So it might take several months to see the results for the work done.

The first step of blogging is to choose a right hosting and platform. Hosting a blog on WordPress will be the wise option. WordPress is the best blogging platform for both beginners and experts as it is free and reliable. Plenty of free plugins is available to install any feature without editing codes. After creating a self-hosted website, the blogger must continuously write informative articles to build the blog. At the same time, the blogger must concentrate on SEO to make the blog authoritative and rank them on search engines. Only after receiving a certain amount of traffic, the blogger must think about making money through it.

Most of the bloggers prefer AdSense as the best monetizing technique. Also, I recommend AdSense for beginners which can generate decent revenue with proper optimization and less effort. A blogger can earn more than he earns in the regular job with few thousands of daily blog traffic. Try to build a brand by creating the relationship with visitors. Then after go with affiliate marketing and Adsense to increase the earnings exponentially. Once the blog becomes a brand, it will generate passive income without you putting any efforts as before. Then after you can spend few hours per week to update the blog for the readers.

2. Freelance Work

For people who think blogging is very hard here comes freelance work to rescue. Freelance jobs have now become very trendy. People are now able to do the same work they do in their office under a client in free time to earn extra money.

The freelance sites have minimum income set to $3 per hour which mean a freelancer will be paid minimum $3 per hour for working under a client. The pay can increase to even hundred dollars per hour based on the experience and ability of the freelancer to complete the work himself.

Unlike blogging, freelancing work will not generate any passive income instead the freelancer will be paid only for the work done. The advantage of freelancing is; the worker doesn’t have to wait for months in order to see the results. Clients will pay immediately for work completed on the contract basis or escrow method.

To start the freelance career, you must join the best freelance marketplace like upwork. After joining the freelance site, the first work is to complete the profile which equals the resume. Members must upload a good photo of them to show their professionality and attach a portfolio if applicable. After getting hired by a client, the freelance can take his own time to complete the project and get paid.

Advantages of making money online:

  • Very reliable income mode. If used properly, can generate income several times higher than the regular job.
  • Open to everyone. There are no interviews, no restrictions to start an online business.
  • Great opportunity for students to make money from home. Many students from the poor family have changed their family’s financial situation. The same applies to work from home moms, unemployed graduates, homemakers etc.
  • No investment to very less investment required to start making money online. Wherein to start other business, the person should be financially fit and experienced. One can make more money with less investment which is only possible in online business.

Disadvantages of making money online:

  • Tough competition. As I’ve said before the internet is very big and open to anyone who wanted to start their business. So, there will be more competition. People who can stand out of the crowd can only succeed.
  • The Internet has the same number of bad guides as the good one. People who get in hands of bad company have high chances to lose their money.
  • The success rate of online business is very less compared to offline business. People who work without losing hope and interest at least for six months have a chance to succeed.

Final Words

Hope now you’re aware of the best money making techniques on the internet. While blogging can generate passive income, lot of patience is required. Freelancers can earn money instantly on freelance sites, but they can make money only if they work actively.

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