5 Cost-Efficient Online Tools For Businesses And Individuals

Summer is almost over, and the rainy days are just around the corner – literally.

But figuratively speaking, given the economic climate the country is in plus the political circus we see splattered on national TV, sadly, the Philippines is constantly drenched to the bone.

To this end, we can all agree, money-savers are life savers. And speaking of which, here are 5 awesome sites that help you save your hard earned money while still providing the service you deserve:


A business without customers is a dead business. A business with customers but without an efficient transaction-tracking platform is an almost-dead business.

Business owners understand these concepts, hence, the influx of CRM and intranets.

Problem with these tools, they cost a lot. And for a business struggling to keep its head steadily above water, that might be a blow that can bring the entire operation down the drain.

What these businesses need is a free CRM plus intranet service. Yes, free, and Bitrix24 fits the bill to a T. If your business has just about 12 employees or less, Bitrix24 is for you absolutely free.

Bitrix24 is a social intranet made exclusively for businesses. It consists of a fully functional CRM, real-time streaming, e-mail, file sharing, activity calendar, planner and a whole lot more. If your business has more than 12 employees, subscription is at $99 a month.


They say learning is its own reward. I couldn’t agree more. If you’re a tech person and in need of software or tools that can help you hone your technology skills even further, AppSumo is the site for you.

AppSumo is a place for technology-related software that can be availed free of charge or for a minimal fee. Unlike so many others, the Free Deals corner of the site is relatively well-provided.

And if you find the site’s design and navigation a little too crude for your taste, searching through its software vault alone is worth the hassle.


If looking for the perfect name for your website is something that keeps you up all night, given that millions of domains have already been registered, PickyDomains can do wonders for you.

PickyDomains is a crowdsourcing haven of over 55,000 namer contributors who, unlike mechanical name generators, can come up with the most relevant, unique and easy-to-remember domains for your specific needs.

Just register as a client, pay the $50 deposit and suggestions will start to come in. If you find nothing particularly eye-catching, you can ask for a refund.

PickyDomains can find you a suitable name for your business, your baby or your pet, too. A slogan, by the way, costs $75.


Busy freelancers almost always have their plates full that administrative functions like invoicing, reporting, tracking projects, clients and hours can be somewhat of a challenge.

Good thing there’s SideJobTrack.com, a site that does all of the tracking functions a freelancer needs and more.

With SideJobTrack, you can track your earnings, the amount you need to bill a client, projects attached to a particular client, etc. You can even customize your invoicing template and reports generator.

Best of all, you don’t need to pay anything to use SideJobTrack.


Finding the best air fare deals can be a tricky business. Sure, there are several price-comparison websites advertising cheap airline tickets, but these websites don’t necessarily have the cheapest available.

It’s because the cheapest possible deals are not freely given away by individual airlines to third-party websites. For what? To stand the chance of losing a potential sale to a competitor airline? To find the best deals, a customer would have to individually check out airline websites, pretty time-consuming, if you ask me.

JetRadar is stamping its foot on the brake to, once and for all, make cheap air fare shopping as time-efficient as possible.

JetRadar is a search engine that combs through all travel sites and individual airline sites and makes them publicly available, definitely your one-stop shopping convenience for cheaper air fare.

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