7 facts, Older Website Rank Higher Than New Brand Website

If you are new to blogosphere, you must have wondered even after doing best possible On page SEO and Off page SEO your site doesn’t but older website rank higher on Google, but instead the site ranking higher on Google are even not well optimized, Why this happens?

These high ranking websites are not well optimized and barely have any backlinks, but these website rank higher than your well optimized post, why?

Do you have any idea?

Newbies start thinking how good is my SEO?  

I started blogging 5 months ago, and now after doing a lot of search engine optimization I am able to receive 51% of my traffic through search engine.

 During this period I observed, most of the time website having higher rank than my blog doesn’t contain articles having SEO better than my blog post. I checked this many times and got some facts.

I want to share the facts with you explaining why that happens.

Are you willing to know the reasons? Of course, who doesn’t.

7 Reasons, why older website rank higher when they aren’t optimized

1. CTR (click through rate)

Google rank any website on base of 200 factors, and a part of Google’s ranking algorithm keep a looks at a CTR (click through rate) of any website. It maintains the report about the percentage and how many times the website got clicks through search engine. Most of the time it doesn’t include clicks coming through referring sites.

The higher percentage of clicks website receives, Google listen your voice more than lower ones. And if the CTR of your site is higher than your competitor’s, Google will rank your site higher in search results. Higher CTR of any website directly mean searcher are loving the blog more.


Just getting CTR is not enough, but you must have a attractive title, meta description and reduce bounced rate. Having high CTR is good but high bounce rate simply refer you have good title, better meta description but useless content. So visitors will never stick around your post.

For example, if your website get 1000 visitor through Google but all of them move away to another website after reading one page or hit back button to search engine results page. This says your website doesn’t have relevant content and Google will start decreasing your ranking.

A bunch of website on Google are ranking well instead after several critical updates and they are not optimized even. These website maintains their rank with high CTR and low bounce rate.

To see the CTR of your website, log into Webmaster Tools, and click on your site profile.

Once you are viewing your site in Webmaster Tools, click on the navigational option “search traffic,” and then click on “search queries.”

You can read this post to increase your click-through rates.

2. Domain Age/Authority

Domain authority and age play a big role in terms of ranking. I observed almost all sites ranking higher than my website are at least a few years old. Because a blog doesn’t get high rank instantly, with passing it get more backlinks and content.

After creating a new website each blogger tends to build more backlinks from free directories, build tons of relevant links, and good content. But at last fail to receive much traffic as older sites will.

Google understand older site better than newer one, as they are more familiar with their content quality. Don’t worry, with passing time your website will receive more traffic than before.

It is true, website having more backlinks rank higher, but Google doesn’t just look at the percentage of backlinks instead it check relevancy and authority of backlinks.

Most of the old site are not well optimized but they’re ranking high, why?

Answer– They have quality backlinks from high authority domains like .edu and .gov.

These domain extensions are most trusted and Google put more focus on websites containing backlinks from .edu and .gov extensions.

New website generally doesn’t have natural backlinks but contain more irrelevant backlinks. So before showing your new website on first page, it analyze the authority and relevancy of pointing link to your blog post.

4. Internal Cross linking

If you’re not good at On page SEO and doesn’t have good number of backlinks, there is a solution i.e. interlinking your other blog post for proper keyword.

The best example is Wikipedia, for your information 60% of search engine results contains Wikipedia articles. One of the ranking factor of Wikipedia can be very strong interlinking. Interlinking actually decreases the bounce rate and let the visitor spend more time on your website.

You can create in content links throughout your site and cross link your blog post, Try this it will increase your website ranking.

If you’re not practicing interlinking, you’ll observe some of your blog post ranking extremely high but while others won’t. This is just because of difference in page authority of website.

5. Content quality

After releasing Panda update, Google is able to check the content quality of websites. It can determine how much content your website contains, it has duplicate content. After doing a lot of analysis, Google ranks your site.

The content of these old blog are not well optimized but according to Google they contain very high quality content.

May be you do not consider the same content less important, why?

Because Google doesn’t read each word of article, it looks at some important structure such as title tags, meta description tags, URL keywords and some SEO factors. And compare one website to another.

So if your website contains better content than your competitor I am sure your competitor will find hard to outrank your website.

6. Competition

The most important part before writing a blog post is find a low competition long tail keywords, but it should be highly searched. Because some of these low competitive terms don’t get searched often.

These old sites had written better content targeted low competition keyword before you. So obviously there is no reason you outrank them until you write an outstanding content with best possible search engine optimization.

Google actually take interest on keywords popularly searched by people. Everybody takes interest on popular items.

7. Growth rate

If everything goes natural mean we’re happy.

But if a task work get completed before possible shortest time, we doubt and start analyzing for any black hat tricks SEO used to complete the process.

Same applies for ranking process of website. What you do to rank really high for a keyword? you build a lot of backlinks and try to publish high quality content.

Am I right? Yes.

Most of the newbie bloggers process this process very fast…so fast that it seems unnatural. And in 90% cases it is correct.

Google understand this very well and doesn’t rank those sites easily. But this is not the case with older sites, so Google reward them with higher rank.

Last Word

Although there is a long list of reasons why sites that don’t seem well optimized rank well. But till now I am able observe above seven reasons.

So if you have new brand website but it is not ranking well, don’t get upset, may be because of any above reason you’re not getting result. I assure you, with passing time your website rank higher than before.

As a newbie I don’t want you to put more attention on competition, first make improve your website SEO and content.

The success is a long term process.

If you know any thing more on older website rank higher than newer one, I would love to know your views and experience on comment section.

If you find this information useful don’t forget to share this social media site.

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