7 Fun Ways To Be Productive When You Are Feeling Bored

If you are a blogger, then you may be having a hectic schedule, and a long list of to do’s to finish before you can call it a day. In between your long day, it’s natural to feel lazy, at times. You need some time to rewind.

But you don’t want to lose out on productivity and waste time by relaxing, right? What, if I tell you, you can be productive even when while are spending time relaxing?

Yes, there are many productive activities you can engage in when you are feeling bored. In this article, I have listed seven things you can do when you feel bored.

Interact with your readers on social media channels

Being a blogger, you know the importance of being connected with your readers very well. You create blog posts trying to solve the problems of your readers, but how often do you ever interact with your readers live? As you are feeling bored, why not spend a few minutes talking with your followers and readers on Social Media?

Schedule a quick Facebook Live or Google Hangouts with your readers. Many good bloggers frequently use these platforms to conduct AMA sessions with their fans.

If you are not yet comfortable with video, you can also hold a chat session with your followers. Just update that you would be live on your social media channels along with the time and duration you would be online. It’s that simple.

Gaurav Jaggi from Blogwithjags is someone whom I have seen conducting an AMA for just 30 minutes for his facebook followers on quite a regular basis.

Snap Chat is also growing day by day. Many famous Internet marketers are using Snap Chat as a strategy to increase their following. If you are haven’t started yet, you may consider to give it a go and connect with your readers. Talk with few of them.

I’m sure you would be enjoying interacting with your readers along with building your readers interest in your blog.

Spend some time on Linked In

LinkedIn is one of the most important yet neglected social media channels by bloggers. Do you remember when did you last updated your LinkedIn profile? Have you checked the recent updates in it?
The LinkedIn blogging platform is getting better day by day. You may consider syndicating any of your content here or sharing your blog post.

If you use LinkedIn wisely as a blogging strategy, you may still spend time on time on social media by building connections.

Why don’t you write some recommendations for your team-mate or ex-employee or someone you know? Chances are they will reciprocate your gesture with a glowing testimonial for you too.

Write an expert answer on Quora

Spend a few minutes replying to the relevant question from your industry.

A well-crafted answer in Quora has the potential to go viral which will help establish your brand. It also gives you an excellent opportunity to network with others from the industry as well.

Learn from Experts

If you are a blogger chances are you have a separate e-mail id just to subscribe to the emails of other expert bloggers or a separate folder in the bookmark tab.

Open the blogs and read some of the blog posts. Or listen to the podcasts or watch the video webinar replays that you might have missed. Learn new strategies so that you stay ahead of the competition.

Spend time on some new networking site

Almost every day new social sites are coming up. Research on few of them so that you remain updated.

You won’t want to lose out on current trends. Would you?

Train your brain

There are many apps and websites which train your brain. If you are having issues with being productive and want to get better at avoiding distractions or want to improve your memory, then check out one such site.

I spend a few minutes every day with Lumosity and would recommend you to check it out too.

Read Books

I could not have ended this article without mentioning my love– Books. If you are only used to reading from Kindle, then better walk a bit to your local bookstore and buy few books.

Are books on almost all topics. If you are struggling to manage time, why don’t you pick up a book on time management?

These are some of the things you can do on a random day when you are feeling unproductive.

This is list is by no mean exhaustive. I’m sure, you might be having other productive ways to beat your procrastination.

I would be happy if you can share those within the comment section.

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