6 Best BuddyPress Plugins for Community Websites

Want to make your website a social network community – Plugins like BuddyPress are the solution.

BuddyPress addons are the absolute choice if you want to make your WordPress website a social community. There are some best BuddyPress plugins containing awesome features, such as user profiles, activity streams, and user groups.

Like WordPress, BuddyPress is open-source, versatile, and endlessly awesome. BuddyPress is used to power countless community websites regardless of type/ number of users/ niche/ industry/ end goal/ scale or anything at all. Simply put: WordPress + BuddyPress = Brilliant community.

However, also like WordPress, BuddyPress doesn’t pack every feature you need for a splendid community portal out of the box. You need to add bbpress plugins on top of it to make it happen.

Below is the short video you can watch and get addicted to BuddyPress.

In this post, I have listed 6 BuddyPress plugins for exactly such community websites. Take a look:

6 best BuddyPress Plugins list

1. BuddyBoss Wall

BuddyBoss Wall will give your registered users a community experience similar to Facebook with its user profile (‘Wall’) and a similar interface to add posts, like/ comment/ share friends’ posts etc. (The Facebook ‘react’ feature isn’t added yet, but it’s a matter of time maybe). It even has a ‘news feed’ to help a user keep track of latest posts and activities in groups’ and friends’. There are also privacy options for individual profiles and posts, to be used per users’ discretion. It’s amazing.

2. BuddyPress User Blog

It is like one of BuddyPress registration plugins. BuddyPress User Blog will make your BuddyPress website into a live publication forum where thoughts could be shared and interaction is lively in the form of comments. Your registered site users will get a personal blog which they can customize and manage on their own. The plugin uses WordPress’ own post editor interface (TinyMCE) and Medium.com for users’ post submission interface. You can set rules and protocols to be followed and keep your blog alive from user contribution solely. I’d imagine it’s perfect for academic and similar niches.

3. UserPro

UserPro is a premium social login plugin which will make it possible for visitors to your BuddyPress site to register and log in using existing social media profiles. For quick, hassle-free community building purposes, this plugin is the way to go.

UserPro also has beautifully designed front end registration and login forms, highly customizable with custom fields and design configurations available. The plugin also comes adds a ‘follow’ feature to the community interface, badges and achievements system (brilliant for improving interaction/ conversion alike), and it’s also compatible with WooCommerce and bbPress. You can extend the bbpress plugin’s functionality further with available add-ons for features like IM, payment gateway integration, user review and rating system, etc.

4. BuddyBoss Inbox

BuddyBoss Inbox will give you a sophisticated, subtly enhanced version of BuddyPress own user messaging system. This can be considered as a best BuddyPress plugins. This plugin lets your members converse easily and upload media attachments (complete with previews), message text formatting (more like Yahoo, less like Facebook’s boring single font), and even lets them save conversations and message drafts, add labels to conversations, and so much more. There’s no way your users won’t love this plugin’s advanced IM features.

5. BuddyBoss Reply by Email

BuddyBoss Reply by Email is exactly as advertised, in this the plugin will add a feature with which users can choose to be notified (even reply) via email for alerts like activity feed, comments, forum replies, new message, and more. The replies are automatically posted on the users’ profile/ feed/ forum/ messenger/ etc. as needed.

6. BuddyPress Member Types

Buddypress Member plugins type will let you introduce a hierarchy among your community and its members from which you can profit in the form of enhanced conversion, improved activity and engagement, and so on.

The plugin works much like WordPress User and Capabilities and lets you set default membership roles and their access capabilities. The plugin also displays various registration forms, profile fields, and membership type for individual users on their profile pages. The site admin (you) gets an admin interface with separate columns to identify, edit, and manage user roles as per requirement.


These 6 listed one’s are best BuddyPress plugins in class and are sure to take your BuddyPress portal’s engagement metrics through the roof. Make sure to optimize everything with W3C Total Cache, use a super fast and suitable web host (that can handle continuous streams of activity), put on a brilliant directory/ community theme for WordPress (use a premium one for best design and features), and make sure to keep it all secure (your users are placing their trust in you to protect their information).

Did I missed any bbpress plugins?

I researched well before creating this list of best BuddyPress plugins but I would love to add your adviced bbpress plugins to my list.

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