Forum Posting To Drive Traffic With SEO

A great marketing avenue for driving free traffic to your blog is forum posting.

To go about forum posting the right way, find three to five of the top forums in your niche, become a member of those forums and start posting helpful information on those forums every day.

Don’t spam the forums. Just post helpful information and never try to promote your blog or sell anything on those forums, unless they allow it in the rules.

Forum Posting Dos And Dont’s

If you attempt to promote anything on the forums that don’t allow that option, you will make yourself look bad, you will probably get banned from the forum, and you will hurt your blog business tremendously.

Be sure to always read the forum rules before posting.

Forum posting is one of the best ways to get free marketing for your blog, but you have to be patient with this particular marketing process.

After forum posting about 15 to 20 times, you will add a signature to your profile that anyone can see.

Sometimes forums let you post your signature right away. If that’s the case, take advantage right way.

When you post incredibly helpful information on those forums, people will eventually want to see who you are and what you’re about. They will eventually visit your website to learn more about you.

Again, never try to promote your blog or anything when forum posting, unless you want to kill your business quickly and get banned from the forum. Let your signature and your great free advice in forum posts do all of the work for you.

People will eventually find you if you offer great value.

Think before you post in the forums. The more intelligence you put into your posts, just like with comment posting on blogs, the more people will want to see who you are, especially the forum regulars.

People will buy from YOU, when they get to know you. They won’t buy from you if you try to sell them something.

You always have to keep that in mind when you are marketing your blog.

Gain Traffic From Forum Posting

Forum posting is a great way to drive traffic, as long as you follow the marketing rules to keep from hurting your reputation.

The longer you follow this forum posting marketing process, the more traffic you will gain.

Patience With Forum Posting

Be patient and keep plugging away at forum posting. Forum posting is one of the best marketing tools you will have available for driving free traffic to your site. I can’t put enough stress on this.

To see tremendous results from forum posting can take six months to a year.

That also depends on how much time you put into forum posting each week, and how much effort you put into each post.

If you can invest ten hours per week forum posting, you can figure making decent money from your blog in about 18 months, as long as you are in a good niche.

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