How to Start First Website in Sri Lanka 2022

If you choose to climb the Mount. Everest, best of luck. It will take months of time and lot of hard work. Both from actually climbing it, and getting ready to do it.

Creating a successful blog is also very similar to climb the Everest. It takes a lot of efforts, experiment, and practice on the way to make your popular.

This article I am writing for my non blogger friends, who just want to start  first website/blog but not getting a basic guide. I noticed, all top bloggers caters post mostly for  intermediate to experienced bloggers.

But that’s not fair.

I noticed on many well famous blog like problogger, copyblogger and many more, their articles are fantastic and every one love reading those even I, but most of the newbie don’t understand them completely as most of the content goes over their head. These blog contains article mostly for intermediate and experience bloggers.

But if you are just to start first website I am sure you won’t get completely. Here I am writing this article for bloggers who are looking for a starter guide.

If you’re one of those readers: You are at right place. And I hope you will get something best today.

The most searched questions by beginners is “what is process to start first website? How to create a website and make it famous ?”

And I thought to answer this greatly and beginners deserve this.

I have divided the article into into certain steps, which make you understand better to get your website running.

Ready? Let’s go…

Never rely on third-party sites, but why?

When you Google “create a blog or site” at the search result you see ads for sites that let you “create a free blog”.

These are free blogging platforms

Most offer free and paid plans.

I understand beginners always think to start first website/blog with these blogging sites. But I suggest you to avoid them.

If you just want to stick around blogging as a hobby – no issues you can start with above free blogging platforms.

But if you’re trying to build your own personal or official website and want to make it worth, these sites are making you fail.

Instead I provide tutorials on BlogSpot, but I am telling you don’t start your blogging career i.e. your first website with it.

reasons for why …

#1 – You don’t save money: Free blogging platforms attract you with the free offer. But after sometime you get to know their limitation.

Of course, you own a blog, but they puts their ads on it and get benefit, you will have less support and you certain templates only. Space limitation is also their (Blogger gives you unlimited space).

And then you think to upgrade to paid plan.

We all know they are not much expensive but they aren’t that cheap either.

#2 – You are under restriction: This is another killer reason. You don’t have much options to customize your website.

But also you will not any options to access your file in proper way. At last I will say you have very limited options in terms of design, functionality, file access, and ability to customize.

#3 – It’s not much (if any) easier: People attract to these site because sites shout “set up your blog with one push”. 

In reality, I don’t think they really are.

If you really know little bit of WordPress, you can set up your site within 5 minutes.

I made four WordPress blog and each time I made them faster than before.

There are many CMSs (Content Management Systems), but here I blog about WordPress. So later in this article I will show the magic of WordPress. It is more customizable and simple to use than any other CMSs.

#Space for Your website (hosting)

The process to start first website need some resources and the most important component of a website/blog is hosting.

You might be thinking what I am talking, but is correct.

On your computer you have collection of documents, images, videos etc, but only you can access them.

Hosting is like computer where you put your website’s content documents, images and videos and everyone can access them on internet.

Any one can access your website’s hosted files through the Internet.

Hosting companies provide space on these servers, or even if you’re willing to pay you can have dedicated server.

This was the story of Hosting.

Before you start first website, you should purchase a hosting package from any good hosting company. And then you can upload your website files. After you connect your domain name ( after this step) to hosting. Anyone can see your website on internet.

But take care of following point before purchasing host.

Factor #1 – Uptime : If you host doesn’t is not up most of the time, people will face issues visiting your site. At last, they don’t try to find alternative of your site.

This happens to usually for big websites, but for small website it doesn’t affect much but affect to some extent. However, this should always be in your mind.

Often this happens when you take hosting from reseller partner. If you take hosting from any reputed company they don’t have problem offering “100 percent network uptime guarantee”.

100 % uptime doesn’t mean all time active, but it hopefully close to it. Reputed company goes down rarely for 1-2 minutes a days but not more than 5 minutes.

If you choose best hosting company, your website rarely gets down. If you suspect you’re having problem, you can sign up for an uptime tracking tool like uptime robot. It can inform you to change the host if required.

Factor #2 – Customer support: Being a beginner I am sure you are going to make mistakes. Don’t feel shame everybody messed even I and top blogger when they were beginners.

For an expert, mistakes are easy fix.

Think, you are beginner and made some critical mistake and not able to get out of it. The longer it persist, the more it harms to your website.

Till the time mistake is not fixed, your site will likely be down until the issue is fixed.

This is the moment where you for support. Most of the support team gives instant reply. They also have backup of your site that they can restore if worst comes to worst.

People uses email for support, but this make be time taking as support team give turns around time of 24 hrs.

Good hosting provide better support like by providing telephone or live chat support. This saves your time.

Factor #3 – Speed : People love to visit the site that loads quickly.

Google loads in 550 milli seconds. You may check its speed at Pingdom. There are many sites who lost their thousands of visitors in a day when load time went 4s from 2s. Here I am going into details, site speed is extremely important to SEO.

Fast sites not only rank better, but a fast site will also help you maximize your visitors.

Hosting is a great factor for your website. A good hosting have difference of 50% load time when compared to poor hosting, which is not small. It matters a lot.

So how do you find a fast host?

This is little bit confusing, you can check this by their reviews and comparing them with other hosting.

You select your host after doing a lot of search and it must be a trustworthy. If you don’t know hosting company usually pay $50+ to affiliates, so many blogger (their affiliate partner) write only good points to get to sign up for certain companies. This is the reason why so many bloggers aggressively promote hosting sites like Bluehost and HostGator.

Hosting speed is secret which you come to know after trying only. But to be in secure basket follow below recommendation.

  • Avoid shared hosting – Literally it means that many sites (often hundreds or thousands) share a common server including you. Shared hosting is little bit slow, it may happen that spam of others site affect your site and you get  penalized by Google.
  • The VPS and dedicated hosting are better than shared hosting and even best.
  • Pay more get more – Hosting is most important and biggest fees for starting a website. In case of hosting, what you pay you get accordingly. If you are a starter, you can go for cheap hosting but make sure to upgrade later. Moreover, faster hosting need more money.

I would suggest you to look at web hosting forums before you purchase a host for your website.

Then after, compare the services and price and choose the plans that suits your budget.

My recommended Hosting Provider

Moving to step 2.

#The perfect name

It’s moment to have name of your site by which people know your site. Always choose name that people find easy to remember.

If you If you already have an idea in mind, this will be easy. Otherwise I have following tools to suggest name for your site.

Most beginners do mistake of creating multi niche site and later they suffer. Specific niche site rank higher in search engines.

Before naming your site you should have a reason or idea of what your site will be about.

Note: Noting is perfect in this world, but one better than other; choosing domain name is very small part of website when compared to content on it.  I have some best method for that suggest name for your domain.

#1 – Brute force method: In this you yourself create a name that suits best to site niche. This was much simpler some years ago when less number of site were hosted but currently if you are lucky enough then choice come to you.

If you are little bit creative take advantage this time.

Open any domain registrar site and then search for your domain name. If nobody has taken it, it is available else try other one.

I would suggest you to avoid hyphens(, double( letters and numbers ( within domain name.

For more tips check domain name best practices.

Some of the most highly rated domain registrars are:

You can choose any domain registrar, all are good.

#2 – Use a tool: If want some moderation in your creativity, then do use free domain name generators.

Different tool have different algorithm to work, but result they produce does not differ much.

They ask you start or end words of your domain and will try to combine in different ways. Simultaneously they also show the availability of domains.

They provide you the facility of registering available domain for their itself or you check their and register at some different registrar whom you trust.

NameMesh is the first name comes to my mind for domain name suggestion. It’s working point to its name, it tries to mesh words together. Moreover, if you want to see only available domain name then check the “hide registered” button.

Panabee this is second good known tool. It is like NameMesh but can provide different results. Beside suggested domain name if you see blue heart then you can register it means it is available.

You have to choose best of names you get in result.

After registering the domain, point domain to your hosting you purchased before or purchase after. This is very simple, you just need to update the DNS servers (your hosting company sends you through email ).

After updating servers it takes 24hrs to go live on internet. On Godaddy, it looks like below.

#Build your website with CMSs

CMSs expands as content management systems.

CMS provide you the ability to manage your website’s file which you store on hosting server.

With CMS you can edit your site from domain itself. You get a option to login from homepage of your domain, and then edit your website as like create post, page, change layout, create menu and much more.

I will say “it makes your website’s editing life much simpler, make you hassle free and save your precious time”.

If you search for perfect CMS, all are perfect and no CMS is perfect. There are hundreds out there, some better than others. Each one have their own strength and limitations.

if you want to start your first website as some development, reporting, analysis tool then I would recommend you to hire a developer for theme.

Although there are many CMSs but in this article I will elaborate the WordPress. To understand more better quickly refer to youtube after this article.

#WordPress 22% of all website in world use WordPress. It is the king of CMSs. It is more popular and easy CMS than any other.

Just to ensure and make you confusion free : and are not same. is third party which lets you create free blogs is where you pay for blogging.

WordPress is very famous among bloggers as it is very easy to operate. It is a great choice for bloggers.

It has a fantastic admin window, all the functions  are combined in a single page. You can create post and page easily.

WordPress has a collection of over 39,000 plugins in its library, you can customize your site anyway you want.

Too huge collection!

WordPress provides you the ability to design your site with a single click.

WordPress has huge collection of plugins but not all the plugins are good.

They make heavy to your site – If you install too many plugins, they will make your site slow.

  • They can be security risks – Updated plugins are always best and work nicely. Most of the plugins are free so the author do not maintain them after sometime, and they create problems. I suggest you use plugins that have premium version too so they update them regularly.
  • Not well tested – WordPress offers free submission of plugins. Anyone can publish a plugin for WordPress without approval. So always there is a risk while installing it.

I suggest you to use plugins when needed.

4. Choosing a better design make you brand

Till now you have your domain name pointed to your hosting account and WordPress installed. I hope your website is running.

Now it’s time to make your website best.

Once you installed WordPress, it gives you option to install themes of your choices. The WordPress have vast collection of themes as well and with specific design for different different businesses: artists, entrepreneurs, podcasters, local businesses, etc.

Now I moving to themes on WordPress.

Where to find best WordPress theme: There are two options, I will go step by step.

#1 – Search within WordPress :

Go to “Appearance > Themes” in the left side, and then click “add new” at the top:

You can sort/ themes by “featured”, “popular”, or any advanced “feature filter” that you’re looking for.

you can also check preview by clicking on the theme’s thumbnail.

If it suits your eyes, click install. Otherwise, click on cross sign (X) you will be redirected back to the same page.

To see the effect of theme on your website, you need to activate it or do a live preview. And if you don’t like it, then go back and check another theme.

#2 – Third Party theme : This is the second option where you purchase a theme from third party and install it on your WordPress. These are actually premium theme and cost you $30-$60 normally. It is one time fee. There are always some free theme designed better. If you’re conscious for your website/blog I recommend you to use premium theme as they designed well in every aspects (SEO and responsive).

Don’t worry, start with free theme and upgrade to premium after sometime.

Some of most famous market to buy premium theme are

You can also try search for “WordPress themes” in Google.

Before purchasing any premium theme, see the details first.

You get better support from With a premium theme.

I use Genesis Framework for this blog. It is most recommended framework by blogger. I know this article is gone too long, below is the link to check about Genesis.

#Step after having decent website.

I am sure, you have a decent running website now.

Now almost you completed your website, some steps are still left to make your website stunning. 

Below steps are most basic and important for any type of website.

#1 – Get a logo: Branding yourself is important. Your website is recognized by logo.

You can have a look on all famous site, they have a dashing logo. Today, every business have a unique logo, so that their customer remember them easily. you should create a unique logo for your site as well. Here are a few different options to find designers:

Here are some website that offers create free logo.

  • #2 – Write basic pages: Till now your site must be empty. I am sure, you are now well familiar with CMS. So create your basic pages  “About” page, “Terms and Conditions” and “Privacy Policy”.

#3 – Install analytics: You will not need analytics instantly but after few days passed it will come to your use.

Install Google analytics code into your website, it helps to analysis the success of your site.


I know now you are more than motivated, and before you get started with the 6 steps to create your first website, I will say one word – have patience.

When I start first website of mine  I made blunder mistakes (started blog free blogging platforms) and struggled more. You get better by spending more time with it.

If you are read this article, it must be your first website to build. At times you will get frustrated, but never give up, be cool, get relaxed and Google your problem. If you stick to any topic then don’t forget Google is for you only.

And after reading article best option is to utilize video channel i.e. Youtube. It is much better to understand by video after reading on text as you get some idea before.

And never forget one thing this is just a start of your success, it takes time to catch the speed on road. Nobody gains success overnight.

With passing time, you will learn more, try to experiment on your own and I am sure slowly but surely see real progress.

I hope above article might have helped you to know the process to start first website, I would to love to see your comments below.

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