MilesWeb cPanel Hosting Review

cPanel is the most popular and arguably the easiest to use and most feature-loaded control panel for web hosting. Its ease of use and the interactive UI puts it above any other control panel in the industry. But it comes at a premium price and you cannot expect every web hosting provider to offer it in their affordable shared hosting solutions.

MilesWeb, however, stands out from the crowd. While this hosting provider has created a reputation for its superior quality and reliable hosting solutions in the Indian web hosting industry, its cPanel hosting is the best value-for-money hosting package you can find anywhere.

MilesWeb’s cPanel Hosting

MilesWeb offers cPanel as the standard control panel as part of its shared hosting plans on its Linux servers. Most importantly, this helps in making site and account management much easier.

With cPanel, you can do so much. You can manage:

  • Your website
  • Files & folders
  • Create & manage email accounts
  • Databases
  • Domains & subdomains

All this can be accessed and managed from the same dashboard.

Another advantage of using MilesWeb’s cPanel hosting solutions is that it provides you access to the Softaculous auto installer tool. This means more power in your hands – install dozens of commonly used programs ranging from WordPress to Drupal.

Who can Use MilesWeb’s cPanel Hosting?

  • Create websites & blogs – The plans are perfect for anyone looking to create their personal website or a WP-powered blog.
  • Create Online Store – You can also create your own e-commerce store using MilesWeb’s cPanel panel hosting solutions.
  • CMS – The hosting packages can also be used for your content management systems.
  • Email Accounts – Setup your email accounts using these cPanel hosting plans.
  • Image Galleries – You can also create your image gallery and store all your photos in one place.
  • Portals & Forums – Another advantage of this cPanel hosting solution is that you can build online applications and phpBB forums on it.

Features of MilesWeb Hosting (cPanel)

Here are the main features that make MilesWeb’s cPanel hosting stand out from the crowd and make it so special in the industry:

Easy & Quick Account Setup

One of the biggest advantages of using cPanel hosting is that there’s no need to go through complex technical steps to setup your account. The moment your payment is confirmed, your account is setup. Once the account is setup, it takes just a single click to install apps. Whether it’s WordPress or Magento, different programs can be installed for free using Softaculous. MilesWeb has called it the “1-Click Installer.”

Updated PHP & MySQL

It is extremely important to ensure that all the programs remain up-to-date. There are underlying reliability and security concerns, but you cannot do it on your own on a regular basis. With MilesWeb’s cPanel hosting, you don’t have to worry about it. They update PHP and MySQL to the latest and compatible versions on their servers. The same applies to all the programs within Softaculous.

Guaranteed 99.95% Uptime

There are so many shared hosting providers in the market claiming to offer 99.99% uptime. These are just claims and cannot be ensured under any circumstances. MilesWeb offers a genuine 99.95% uptime, with the tiny gap being accounted for downtime due to periodic maintenance.

It is worth mentioning that MilesWeb has data centers located in the United States, United Kingdom, EU, and India. They feature the highest-grade, branded hardware, special backup generators, and 24×7 manned monitoring and security. Not only are the servers reliable, the company allows you to choose a server location of your choice for premium accounts.

Free Domain Name: It’s mandatory to have a domain name when you are buying web hosting service. MilesWeb is offering you a free domain for a year with its hosting plans.

Free Email Accounts

The Economy cPanel hosting plan offers 10-free email accounts. All the other plans come with unlimited free email accounts – POP3/IMAP email. Webmail support means you get to access your emails on any device with internet connection.

Free SSL Certificate

In the web hosting industry, it costs to get SSL certificate for your website. It is not only a sign of security and trust for your visitors and customers, it protects your site and interests too. All the sensitive data including financial information is protected at all times, even during transmission.

Daily Backup

Most web hosting providers don’t provide daily backup except for their premium accounts. MilesWeb again makes an exception by protecting the interests of its cPanel hosting accounts by carrying out automatic daily backups. The backups are made to offsite locations. You can also restore your data instantly with just a few clicks.

Wide-ranging eCommerce Support

With support for shopping carts such as ZenCart, Magento, CubceCart and osCommerce among many others, building your online store on MilesWeb cPanel hosting is a breeze. What is even better is that these platforms are available for free.

Plans & Pricing

The plans and pricing for MilesWeb’s cPanel hosting are as following:

With cPanel shared hosting plans starting for just around $1.62/mo, it doesn’t mean that you will have to pay additionally for high-quality customer support. MilesWeb’s team is available 24×7 via live chat, phone, and email. They can help you setup your site, online store, blog, wiki or CMS in just minutes if you need help. Besides, its cPanel hosting solutions are backed up by anytime money-back guarantee.

Refer Official site:


All I can say on this MilesWeb hosting review, that they  really offer good services at reasonable price. They also have a good support team for their customers.

As till now, I haven’t seen anyone regretting with their services and I am sure they will not let you regret.  The best thing about them is they have a lifetime money-back guarantee so I don’t think it is 0% risk situation.

If you’re looking for host a website I would recommend you to give MilesWeb a try!

Many of you may be the existing customer of MilesWeb, let me know your experience with this host and clear your doubts in the comments box.

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