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If you’re going to learn how to make money from your own email list, my best advice is to get on every top bloggers email list to see how they operate.

Be prepared for this email list education, because you know you’re going to be hounded with loads of email sales pitches for products and services related to their niche.

You’ll also receive partial reviews and notifications that lead you to articles and posts, but you’ll have to go through this process and get plugged in to figure out how this make money online game is played.

Start By Signing Up On My Email List

Before I move on with the rest of this post, I’m going to encourage you to sign up on my email list.

If you haven’t gotten on my email list yet, use the form on the right sidebar to get my free ebook and other bonus offers.

You can actually give away my free ebook to your email list subscribers after you add in your own affiliate links to the products and services offered.

Not only are you building an email list by offering the free ebook, you also make money from having your own affiliate links in the free ebook giveaway.

I’m the only person on the web who offers an ebook that you can add in your own affiliate links and give away … at least that I know about so far.

It’s a viral marketing strategy that I know will catch on after people start to figure it out.

By using my ebook as a bonus giveaway, just imagine all the time you’ll save in having to write your own free ebook to give away.

I am also giving away more than $3,000 worth of post bottom, WordPress email opt in plugins with free giveaway items for each plugin that you can use to offer to your email list signups.

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You will need to sign up on my email list to get notification of those free post bottom email opt in form plugins and free giveaways.

By the way, they all work great with PopUp Domination, because they come with the image packages so you can add the images to the PopUp Domination light box.

I also highly recommend using the PopUp Domination light box to encourage more sign ups. Most of the top bloggers use this light box.

You also need to entice people to sign up on your email list at every opportunity.

Notice I just encouraged you to sign up on my email list to get notice of those email opt in forms!? That’s how this process works.

I like to encourage sign ups at every opportunity. I encourage you to do the same.

Any time you see an opt in form on the side bar that offers free ebooks, e-courses and information, get registered to see how they operate.

When you get tired of receiving their emails, all you have to do is cancel your subscription.

Limit The Time You Spend

Set aside a certain amount of time to read over the information people send you.

Try not to get caught up in buying everything offered. You don’t want to get too distracted and sidetracked.

The most important fact here, in making money blogging, is that you have your own business to focus on and operate.

Spending too much time with distractions doesn’t put money in your pocket. Spending money on every offer doesn’t put money in your pocket either.

The main idea here is to obtain the education, to see how every other top Internet marketer and blogger operates.

There are also many Internet marketers who make free offers from squeeze pages in order to entice you to get on their email list.

I would highly recommend getting on those email lists as well, so you can see how that end of the game is played.

Hopefully, you will eventually have your own products to offer, and seeing how people offer products and services from a squeeze page is a great way to educate yourself.

When you receive the emails from the lists you’ve signed up on, take special note to the ones you like, and be sure to save the best pitch pages, so that you can use the same process.

It’s easier to have some type of template to work from when creating emails that you’ll need to send to your own email list.

Stay Aware When Receiving The Emails

Be aware of your feelings when receiving the emails.

Stay aware of the emails you receive that keep you interested and make you want to visit their site after you read the email.

email listSome points to think about when receiving those emails: Do you feel like you want to keep receiving emails from the person? Do you feel irritated when you see the emails in your inbox? Do you feel hounded with only affiliate offers? Do you feel like you can’t stand receiving the emails? Do you like the person and how they write?

If you feel like you want to keep receiving emails from someone, it could be a sign that that person is doing something the right way to keep you on their list.

Case and point … I want to talk about Lynn Terry of for a second. She knows how to treat people on her list.

I won’t go into detail about how she accomplishes keeping me on her list. I want you to sign up on her email list and see how she operates.

I would have to say that Lynn Terry is one of the best I’ve seen so far at sending out emails to the people on her email list. Take note of how she writes each email she sends.

If you want to keep people on your list, be sure to follow her process.

Take Special Note Of Subject Lines

Make special note of the subject lines that get your attention and that make you want to open and read the emails. Creating an enticing subject line is important.

It’s best to create an enticing subject line, because the first trick is to get your emails opened. The next trick is to get them to take action.

Make note of how some of the emails will get you to take action by clicking on a link to visit their blog or site to read more information.

Make note of how long the emails are. Short and sweet is usually best. People don’t like to read long emails.

Make note of the layout of the emails you receive. Are the lines short or long? Are the paragraphs short or long? Short lines and short paragraphs are usually best.

As you can see, developing an email list and keeping the people on your list is quite an art.

Anyway, this post was to help you get an education about how to treat your email list, and the best way to learn this process is to get out there and start signing up on email lists.

Every top Internet marketer knows the importance of building an email list. If you’re not building an email list, you are throwing money away. If you’re not nurturing your list, you are throwing money away.

Blogging allows you the luxury of not only making money from the traffic to your site, but to also make money from your email list. It’s like a double whammy for making money online.

You can start right now by registering on my email list to receive notification of my free ebook and free giveaway items.

Be sure to check your spam folder for the emails I send. My emails get spammed a lot, because they have the words “make money” in the titles, text and URL.

Alright, well have fun with this process and remember to stay aware of how you feel after receiving three to five emails from any one person.

Be sure to post your comments below about your experience with this process.

Get out there and get signed up on every top bloggers email list you can find.

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