The 10 Most Widespread Cyber Crime

The contribution of cyber crime in the criminal industry is one of the important things to discuss.

With growing number of victims, it can’t be denied that it’s one of fastest growing criminal industries today.

Many of the stories involving cyber crimes, are only heard on well known institutions and governments, in fact, it’s part of our everyday lives and without noticing, we are participating on some of the crime in cyber world.

This article will list down the “10 Most Widespread Cyber Crime” that create mess in the cyber world.


Cyber Defamation is similar to slander except the involvement of computer as a medium of communication.

The primary intention of criminal is to lower the person reputation or standing in the member of society by saying untruthful statement about a person.


The increasing numbers of users of social networking sites today also lead to the increasing numbers of victims of cyberbullying.

This is the same as bullying in which, harming people is the primary objective but no physical harassment involved instead the victim is tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed.


Internet Fraud generally refers to any attempt of doing fraud scheme using electronic media.

Using online services (instant messaging or Internet forum), criminals formed a group where they are asking fraudulent transaction to its victim for their own personal gain.


Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is an attack where the criminal sends tremendous amount of data in which computer networks can’t handle the amount of data received.

This attack is commonly used to shutdown or make the networks unavailable to its intended user.


Since Serial Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Gateway do not support authentication, email spoofing become one of the problem in the cyber world.

This is an attempt to collect sensitive information by sending an email to a person in which the sender used other identity (commonly friends or famous artist).


When the Internet was developed, piracy became a serious issue. Widespread distribution of products illegally became mainstream.

Some issue associated in online piracy are: software piracy, copyright infringement, trademark and service mark violation, stealing of computer source code and many more.

What is very alarming to this issue is, many people do it unintentionally because they thought that it’s legal just because it’s accessible without any payment.

In order to reduce the number of cases about online piracy, Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA) bills are proposed but fortunately did not accepted by congress.


Hacking is the understanding on how secured the computer network is. The hackers look for vulnerabilities and exploit it. Overtime, the term hacker began to evolve and split into many classification.

Hacking also became ethical in which some of the notable and most wanted hackers in the history of computing built there own security company.

This company perform a series of penetration test to improves the security of computer network.


Started from a viking who repeatedly said the word “Spam, Spam, Spam”, spamming became a big pain in the ass for many.

It s the distribution of unsolicited message by the use of electronic media.

The most common tool for spamming is email but in the broader thinking it uses other electronic media such as instant messaging, personal messaging, commenting and many more.

The name spam is originated from the distribution of unsolicited message by the company who produces SPAM luncheon meat.


Phishing is an attempt to collect sensitive information such as personal, financial and security information.

Criminal deceived its victim by developing a website which is identical from well-known and trusted businesses, financial institutions and government agencies.


Computer virus is a program that can replicate themselves to a computer networks.

The theory of John von Neumann about “Self-Reproducing Automata” is now the most widespread tools used for cyber crime.

In thousands of viruses uploaded in a computer networks daily (malware, adware and spyware), hundreds has possibilities to succeed in bypassing the network securities that cause minimal up to maximum damage to every computer it affected.

Some of the worst various attacks are Love Letter (ILOVEYOU virus), Klez, Melissa, Nimda, Anna Kournikova worm.

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