Our Transparency Report

The goal of Advice.LK and learn how do we earn money.

What Is The Goal Of Advice.LK?​

Advice.LK is a free Sri Lankan education platform that teaches how to earn money online, market your business, SEO to rank in top & learn digital marketing.

How We Earn Money?

We know that some might be wondering why we write articles and create videos and offer it free since there are so many websites out there that charge money for courses such as this in Sri Lanka.

Many of the products, themes, plugins, and programs we refer to this website will include an affiliate or referral link; therefore we will receive a small percentage on the sale. Nonetheless, please be aware that this will never cost anything extra or increase the product selling price.

We additionally wanted to tell you despite the fact we are affiliates. We don't put products first; instead, We put our followers. Our reviews, evaluation, top lists are entirely unbiased, and our writeup on it is based upon our personal experience where we confirm it based upon screenshots or video recording of us using it or based upon other verified buyers who are not associated with the product.

Also, please be aware that we are not dependent on a product for our affiliate commission, considering that the industry is packed with products. This is one of our projects, so if we identified the product to be bad, we will publicly let the audience know about this.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are multiple ways we choose a product to review:
  1. Products which we already own and use it personally.
  2. Products which we use for our clients at our agency.
  3. Popular or hottest products on the market.
  4. Based on the requests we receive from the community at our FB group.
  5. I am a member of ProductHunt, and they list top startups so I might select one from there.

Yes, if it’s relevant to our community.

But always note that “OUR REVIEW WILL BE HONEST” and we will not create a biased review and also we don’t accept any payment to influence our review.

If you have created an amazing product, then you will have nothing to worry about it.

You can get in touch with us through contact form.

Since all of my reviews are unbiased, we will be entirely honest during my review process. So our review article is based on our experience and personal testing.

So if the product is good, then the review will be positive.

However, if the product is bad, then our review article will be negative too, and we know it will automatically make me a target. Still, to maintain my authenticity, we will keep the review genuine as possible.