Why and How to Create Gravatar Account?

When it comes to recognize people for their works, gravatar are best to take help with. Images help a lot in branding. You must have seen in almost all WordPress blog comments section, images appears beside the comments. Before I came into blogging I always wondered how people upload images to every blog where they comment.

I am sure you also must have wondered about this. Here I have got a answer for you – this happens because of free gravatar images bloggers link, after they create gravatar account.

What is Gravatars?

The full form of Gravatar is Globally Recognized Avatar. It is most important and discussed terms into blogosphere. It is globally recognized because millions of people and websites use them. Gravatar is supported by application like WordPress. When you comment on any gravatar supported site, it pulls your profile picture from gravatar servers. And the same profile picture is displayed beside the comment. This gives the world wide identity to the user who comments on WordPress powered blog.

Many new comers don’t know how to add their images to their name. WordPress uses Gravatar.com to display user images when anybody comments on a WordPress powered blog. Here is the live example for you.

I suggest you to use same profile picture (avatar) everywhere (Facebook, Google+, twitter and many more) to create your online identity. Once you created your gravatar, you will start noticing that after adding comment on any WordPress blog your profile picture(avatar) appears beside the comment people starts recognizing you.

Why Should you add Gravatar?

This create your identity on the web. If you own a WordPress site then using gravatar is must for you, as it build you as a brand. Usually after reading any blog when we find it interesting and useful, we comment at the end. At first time your gravatar might not get as much attention. But if the same person sees your comment at numerous sites they read, surely they will end up visiting your website. We as publishers find it really easy to identify our loyal users by their gravatar.

If you’re a blogger it is must for you to create Gravatar account. It’s free and you can access your free Gravatar account for any number of WordPress blogs.

How to make a Gravatar?

To get gravatar simply go to Gravatar’s website. You need to signup with the email that you use to comment. Add your profile picture. You can also use your company’s logo as an avatar. After adding your avatar your done but you can also change the picture s when you want.

I suggest you not to change the avatar frequently as people find it difficult to recognize.

I am sure above method pulls your avatar when you comment on other’s WordPress site, but sometimes when you reply on comments on your own WordPress site and avatar does not appears. What could be the reason for this?

New comers forget to link it with their own site. Follow the below steps .

1. Go to Users.

2. Then Your Profile.

3. Put your Gravatar email into contact info.

Do let me know if you have any questions regarding adding Images to your WordPress profile using Gravatar?

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