Why Dedicated Servers are the Best Option For Growing Your Business

Why dedicated servers are such an attractive choice for developers and companies?

Well, the clue’s in the title itself. Certainly, a dedicated server is just that, a dedicated chunk of hardware, completely owned for the needs of a unique online project.

With your physical machine, you can easily ensure a targeted level of performance, both regarding the software you want to run and the number of users you want to serve.

Dedicated servers also enjoy top levels of connectivity to utilize their meaty horsepower efficiently.

If you’re thinking about getting your server, it’s safe to expect you already have a particular use for it in mind. From regular websites to more complex portals and advanced applications like SaaS and VoIP, the performance of dedicated hardware can be invaluable.

A dedicated server offers an efficient way to deal with large numbers of converging users and transactions on an eCommerce CMS like Magento.

Compared to a shared platform, A dedicated server would always have total access to your set of hardware resources. That is not so common in shared platform. That implies that you have a secure level of service for your clients.

The primary aspect of dedicated servers or their motive is that they are usually concerned with business organizations that have grown with time having a good lot of work power and clients.

This is Off course true about the comings in data and load that dedicated servers are able enough to handle.

If by chance, your server crashes off, along with losing all it’s on field customers, your company would suffer from other business damages too.

Therefore having a durable and reliable dedicated server hosting package is of utmost importance specifically for a business that is growing gradually.

Here are few points that reason out why dedicated servers are a trustworthy investment that can lay down the growth of your business concern in the long run.

Let’s see why a dedicated server is the best option for hosting your website:

#1. High Reliability and Performance

Dedicated servers are both reliable and robust as you can reach and use all the sources like processor power and disk space, without any downtime owing to limited memory/RAM space or “Noisy Neighbors” using more resources than they should. Uptime is increased and able to efficiently and smoothly run resource-intensive applications and websites.

#2. High Level of Security

As you are the single being using that server, it is obviously more secure and safer than sharing it with other clients, Whose actions may raise security issues. Also, you can also implement advanced technology methods on your server that are capable of being customized to your requirements.

#3. Lesser Risk Of IP Blacklisting

If you aren’t sharing your IP address with other users. There’s no chance of getting it blacklisted. Moreover, blacklisting only occurs when IP of a server is indulged in malicious activity (e.g., Phishing, Spamming, etc.) which drives to the server being blacklisted by Internet Service Providers.

It has a direct effect on things like email deliverability and can result in extra fees to get the IP blacklist removed. Use MXToolbox to check your server for IP blacklisting.

#4. Custom Administrative Access

Dedicated servers grant you root or administrative access to the server. It implies that there are no restrictions on either the software you have installed or how it is being customized.

This type of freedom makes you have the control of the whole server that would get you handle usage of resources, identification of coming up threats and even their solution before they harm the entire system.

#5. Advanced Technical Support

Most web hosting companies offer priority technical support to dedicated server clients, owing to the fact that most of the client’s host mission-critical computing web applications.

The priority support ensures minimum downtime or disruption of the server’s applications and services.

Here at EverData we employ professionally trained experts to troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly and easily 24/7 365 days/year.

When Do You Need A Dedicated Server?

You might be hosting your website on a shared hosting server and Might be in a dilemma to switch over to a dedicated server.

The next come the key points you need to keep in mind before taking any decision:

#1. Performance

You might have “soft ” limits to your account by hosting company if you are in access with the shared hosting plan or even when you are on with an unlimited plan. Like for instance inode limits or with the use of commercial software as cloudLinux.

The primary purpose behind doing this is to be secured from noisy neighbor matters wherein one client can affect hundreds of other customers on the same server by using so much of RAM, bandwidth, etc.

The Darkside for you as a customer is that there’s a pause to the performance you can expect. Whereas with the help of dedicated servers these types of performance issues do not rise as you have the entire server at your service.

The only issue you might have is if by chance you are running heavy applications or getting a huge amount of traffic, i.e., much more than the server is configured to handle.

Nevertheless, in most of the common cases, a dedicated server will address these performance issues without any trouble.

#2. Customization

With shared hosting, you may also be limited regarding the server side software that you can install and how it is configured.

Shared hosting is about offering the most standard configurations of software at the best price.

Moreover, on a dedicated server, you have the liberty and are free to install software or to modify and update it whenever you feel necessary as you are the only one with that link and access to the server.

#3. Security

In the case of misconfiguration on a shared hosting server, another user may view your data. Even the system administrators may access your data, even in a VPS service too.

But on a dedicated server, you have individual administrator/root access; hence your information is very safe and private, and no-one else can access the server.

Note: Here is a detailed guide on When Is The Right Time To Opt For A Dedicated Server?

Go Dedicated

As a final suggestion, it is evident that you must purchase your dedicated server India from the best dedicated server provider.

For this, it is highly recommended that you get it from Everdata, which is a very reliable and trusted provider of managed dedicated servers and all type of hosting solutions.

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