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Hi, Welcome to our blog! And it's run by the Anthony brothers! The guy with the blue shirt (Looks innocent 😇) is Anthony Delon, and The guy with the green shirt (Looks with devilish 😈) is Antony Alston.

We blog from Colombo, Sri Lanka, and Tiruchirappalli, India.

We also the founders of Maxinium, which owns the ClickTug blog.

We decide where to work when to work and what to work. 🤘 And we hate 9 to 6 jobs 🕒, formal wear 🤵 and most importantly working for someone else's dream 💼.

We created to ClickTug even though we know that there are so many other good Internet Marketing & blogging blogs, but we wanted to share our knowledge, which we know it works and make sure that you don't fall into the traps we fell.

We will do our best for you, and that's a promise 🤞

In case if you like to read the full story on who we are, our education, life journey, etc. which we spend one week preparing it😭 then go to the about page.

We look forward to you there 😎.