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Most of the Black Friday discounts and deals we gather include Web hosting, SEO Tools, WordPress Themes, WordPress Plugins, VPN, Marketing Tools, Social Media Tools, and Etc.

All the best internet marketing & blogging Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals in one place.

You will not miss a single deal! if you follow this page.

So make sure to bookmark it since we will be adding deals each day from November 1st, 2024.

These deals will be perfect for internet marketers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, web developers or anyone who loves deals. (Something for Everyone)

Most of the Black Friday discounts and deals we gather include Web hosting, SEO Tools, WordPress Themes, WordPress Plugins, VPN, Marketing Tools, Social Media Tools, and Etc.

Let’s Save You Money and Get Insane Deals of 2024.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Guide

What is Black Friday?

For some weird reason, if you came to this page to learn about Black Friday rather than looking for deals, then I’ve got you covered as well.

Black Friday is just an informal name for the Friday following the Thanksgiving day.

This year “Black Friday” will be happening on Friday, November 29, 2024.

From 1952 it has been considered the starting date for Christmas shopping.

During this time, there will be tons of discounts and deals on all stores and online eCommerce websites around the world.

However, these are not fake deals; instead, they offer genuine discounts of up to 99% on the selling price.

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When is Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale Starts?

This year the Black Friday is on Friday, November 29, 2021, and Cyber Monday is on Monday, December 2, 2021. ​

However, most Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals will start from November 1st and will end on December 15th.

So make sure to keep an eye of for the deals through this page to get notified when a deal becomes available.

Why Buy Black Friday Deals on Internet?

There are two reasons why Black Friday Deals got famous on the Internet, and they are:

During the physical Black Friday sale, the stores will be fully crowded, and even in most popular stores, there will be a long queue before the day starts. (Here is a proof on what I am talking about

The rise of the Internet and the ability to offer insane deals by big eCommerce giants on the Internet. (See the Amazon’s Black Friday behind the scenes at

Due to above reason, many eCommerce stores on the Internet started to offer Black Friday deals.

It created an opportunity for business website owners to offer deals on their services, products, software, and reach the audience worldwide.

For digital business owners, the Black Friday sale is all about the “quantity” because by offering insane deals for a few days, they will most likely get thousands of new customers for their business.

Due to Black Friday, the business owners will enjoy:

  • A large number of customers in a short amount of time
  • Massive cash inflow for business due to new customers
  • Massive brand reach will be gained due to their sales
  • Recurring businesses from customer

What Shoppers will be able to get due to Black Friday:

  • A lot of deals from so many companies
  • A wide range of products and services for sale
  • Lifetime deals, huge discounts, extended trails, & more
  • Save a lot of money on their year-long expenses

Which Deals are Better: Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

During both Cyber Monday and Black Friday, you will be able to save thousands of dollars in digital deals.

However, when it comes to digital products, it’s most often said that “Black Friday” deals are better since more companies will offer their products offers during Black Friday compared to Cyber Monday.

In some instances, the regular Black Friday deals will continue their sales up to Cyber Monday.

It is also worth noting that some deals are offered exclusively on Cyber Monday, so make sure to follow this page even after the Black Friday is over to get notified about Cyber Monday digital deals.

For Whom Does Internet Marketing Black Friday Deals are Suitable?

These deals will be suitable for anyone who uses the Internet to grow their business or anyone who requires digital products to advance their career.

Some of the common types include bloggers, internet marketers, digital entrepreneurs, small business owners, webmasters, SEO experts, Social media persons, freelancers, video creators, and more.

What Do You Need Start a Website With 95% off the Cost?

If you want to use this Black Friday to create your first blog for a fraction of the regular cost.

Here is your answer.

By buying the products I mention below, you could save around 95% on the cost of starting a blog or website.

  • A domain name for your website
  • Web-hosting for your website
  • If it’s WordPress site ( A free CMS and I recommend it), then you will need to get a professional theme
  • If you require advanced functionalities, then you can buy relevant WordPress plugins
  • That’s it. Those are basics you will need to start the blog.

Very soon, I will be creating a detailed tutorial on how to create a blog or website on the Internet.

So if you get the essential deals, then you can follow me and create your first website.

Why Focus on Web hosting deals during Black Friday?

Web hosting is essential for every website, and for most of us, it will be a significant expense each year.

I know there are cheap hosting, and if you have that, then the cost will not be high, but it would hurt your website such as:

  • Website is loading very slow
  • Websites are getting hacked easily
  • The web hosting company is overselling webspace
  • Website is getting down frequently
  • Poor SEO ranking

Above are some reasons why you should focus on getting a high-quality hosting.

However, the problem is that the best web hosting costs are high. It can be in the range of 10$ month to 500$ a month based on the performance and functionalities.

That is why you should focus on getting your web hosting during Black Friday because you can find deals with up-to 95% discounts.

Some factors you need to check when getting a web-hosting deal during Black Friday:

  • Is it a recurring deal or one-time deal (If it’s one time then you can buy more years at the start to get deal for the amount time you want)
  • The reputation of the hosting company (Check their about us section, check online for real customer reviews* and make an informed decision)
  • The deal limits (Always check whether the functionalities and limits given by the deal is enough for during the deal time period)
  • Is it the right deal? (There various hosting such as web, cloud, VPS, Dedicated and more so when deciding on hosting make sure is it right for you)

Based on the above information, you can get the best hosting for your needs at a fantastic price.


I am looking forward to Black Friday & Cyber Monday discounts and deals just as you are.

Please note these deals come only once a year, so make sure to make the decision based on the future.

Also, another factor which you need to keep in mind while shopping is that some deals may never come back next year.

So if it’s something you want, then make sure to grab the deal while you can.

Don’t forget to share these awesome deals with your friends who may need it.

It will help them to save a lot of money and make you a Santa who gives them gifts even before Christmas.

If you have any questions or require helping in selecting, then let me know in the comment below, and I will personally help you.

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