12 Mistakes Let Approved Google Adsense Account Banned

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Let's learn the reasons AdSense accounts are disabled in Sri Lanka and world wide.

The Google Adsense program can be a great way for bloggers and website owners to earn through their content.

You can, however, get suspended or banned from Adsense if you violate its strict policies without even knowing them.

A Google Adsense ban can be devastating for many digital publishers since it will lead complete earning stop through Adsense.

An account can easily be terminated and can’t be reinstated. That’s why understanding the dos and don’ts of the program is crucial.

In this blog post we’ll explore 12 common mistakes that can lead to an AdSense account being shut down in this post, so you can avoid these pitfalls.

Reasons AdSense accounts are disabled for invalid activity

You’re clicking on your own ads

Google says “how dare you clicked on your own ads” this is called invalid click activity, there is no solutions for this bad practice and I am sure if you did this once they notice nobody can save your Google Ad sense account.

If you’re creating impressions by some automatic programming then it comes under invalid activity.

If you want to check the destination page of the ads displayed on your website then use the Google Publisher Toolbar. The clicks made with this tool are not counted while reviewing your account for invalid clicks.

Suggestion: If you’re using AdSense in YouTube, while viewing your own videos you must skip the ad.

You’re creating automated traffic

Traffic, traffic and traffic every site owner want traffic but no one want to works to get traffic naturally.

Before some days back Search engines were not very smart so people tried to cheat AdSense by sending lot of automated traffic and earned bunch of dollars.

But now search engines have smartest algorithm than we think. Even if you purchase traffic I suggest you to be sure of traffic source. If the traffic from illegal source, chances are more to loose the AdSense account.

You’re using an incentivized traffic source

To increase more traffic any publisher also third party services which drive click and impression on pay-per-click basis.

They may generate auto surf and join click-exchange programs with other blogger friends.

If you’re using doorways, page cloaking and many other same type of frauds to get better ranking to misdirects your visitors.

Suggestion: Always try to get organic traffic. Is it very low? doesn’t matter one day it will increase.

You have Manipulated the advertisements

So you are a programmer, I am also a programmer and Google has battalion of best programmers. So let them design the advertisements and we only use like king.

You are not allowed to change the advertisements in any way. We have to use what we get ready. So

If you manipulate the ads to get higher profits then I must tell you it is strictly prohibited.

If you’re using HTML frame i.e. two separate scrolling portion in a single page the try not to place Ads into frame. It causes problem in generating the report and your visitors will also not able to see the ads if it is scrolled up or down.

You’re encouraging visitors to click on ads

Ask a question to yourself. What will advertiser gets if a customer only window shop?

Then there is no use of his advertising. If a user on ads himself I’m sure he thought something before clicking on ads.

So at last user is going to benefit the advertiser.

if you (Publishers )ask your user to click on the ads it is considered as fraud click. Many people offer some rewards to the user for clicking on ads.

But if you don’t understand let me tell, Google algorithms are designed to catch the culprits very intelligently. They are smarter than you think. They very well know how to deal with fraud clicks.

You’re encouraging accidental click

If you are designing your website in such a way that forcing the user to click on ads then its time to move on now, otherwise you will soon receive Google Ad sense account banned email. Yes I am talking about manipulated ads such as popups and slider ads. Many person also put ads just beside image and people click accidentally.

You are not granted to encourage user to click on Google ads in any manner and circumstances. This may take into consider like putting the ads just below the navigation menu or download links.

You’re embedding ads in applications

If you’re thinking to earn smartly by embedding the ad code in applications such software, desktop applications and browser extensions.

Then be aware it is strongly prohibited but you can serves ads on mobile application but only with AdMob SDK. There is also AdSense for video or AdSense for games SDK for those serving within videos or flash content. You can activate this through your AdSense dashboard.

Reasons AdSense accounts are disabled policy reasons

Content violation

If you using pornographic, adult and mature content on your website then you are violating the Google AdSense policy.

Google AdSense is network is considered to be family-safe, Google AdSense does not allow you to place ads on website containing adult content.

If you have a have website that publish sensitive content then try not to place AdSense on the website else you will get Google Ad sense account banned.

Sending ads on Email

Some website owner start to embed the ads within the email newsletter and if fortunately it goes viral they earn dollars but it is no where mentioned in Google AdSense policies.

Aggressive ad placement

Aggressive ad placement refer to put ad in way user are forced to click on ads by making them fool, putting different label above ads.

If you placed the ads in the way that is increasing your CTR(click through rate) more than normal, it might become a reason to ban your AdSense account.

When people enter blogosphere without any built up plan, newbie most of the time entertain the practice of copy-paste. But as per Google AdSense TOC, you cannot use the content you don’t own.

And if Google notices this it will reward you penalty and make you suffer. Most of the beginner steal the content and use it in their website. The quality is most contributing factor in getting ranked high.

But this is not going to work with AdSense any more so better you make it correct.

You’re promoting illegal entity

If you’re promoting illegal content before applying for AdSense then for sure you can never get AdSense account approved. But most publisher play a tricks here.

They first get the AdSense account approved then after start linking to sites like (Streaming movie), illegal or pirated software, serial key generating sites.

So your AdSense might get ban for that specific site. Your AdSense serving might be disabled for that particular site. The fraudulent activities are not allowed in Google AdSense policy.


Now the algorithms have been updated and days are gone when people earned with low quality content. Always try to generate high quality content with personal touch.

If you want stick to AdSense for longer period then strictly follow the guidelines which you receives on your approval mail.

Below I have compiled of some do’s and don’ts:


  • Generate and publish unique content.
  • Use website that are perfect for placing ads
  • Prevent content violation
  • Build evergreen content.
  • Never violate AdSense policies.


  • Never focus on auto-method.
  • Avoid using black hat techniques to drive traffic to website.
  • Don’t build intentional clicks. Let user click himself.

If you followed above mentions, I am sure you’ll never see unfortunate moment of getting Google AdSense account banned. I hope this article will surely help you to understand the core concepts of Google AdSense Terms of Conditions, and also guide you to focus on making an online authority. Please leave your valuable comments and queries in the below section.

Trick to get new Google AdSense account again?

If in past you’re banned from AdSense partnership, then no worry we are human and find solution to every problems. Don’t we? We do.

What is AdSense & Why bloggers almost die to get it?

Do you know why Bloggers create a blog?

When you search anything in Google, for sure thousands of website come to help you. This is 100% true.

Bloggers provide you solutions for free. Are they gone mad?

No, they are more intelligent than people who think them mad. Actually they do so earn money. But how do they earn? They earn through AdSense or alternatives to AdSense.

Bloggers earn by displaying advertisement on their blog and this is one of the easy and best way to earn via blogging. There are hundreds of advertisement companies like AdSense, Chitika, VigLink, Infolinks who are ready to pay website owners to give space to display their ads.

Practically we bloggers can’t stuff our blogs with advertisements only, so we always try to choose best advertisement program to make good amount of money.

What is AdSense?

AdSense is a advertisement program started by Google, it display contextual ads matching with nearby keyword. Till date Google AdSense is considered as one of the best pay-per-click program to make online money.

It is an easiest way for blogger to make money with their blogs. You as an blogger need to do Google AdSense sign in and ad code to their site, AdSense spiders crawl the webpage and check their inventory to display related ads on your blog.

How does AdSense Work?

Suppose an Advertiser want to advertise his products like laptops through Google, so he would bid on certain keywords like “laptops, computer, PC, etc”.

Now as a publisher you applied for AdSense and got approved for it. So if any of your article contain keyword like “laptops, computer, PC, etc” Google AdSense will display the same ads on your blog, Google get paid when those ads are clicked by any visitor on your site. Finally you get your share.

Who’s Eligible for AdSense?

If you’re using Blogger, and your blog complies with AdSense policy then you can apply for AdSense using earning tab.

If you’re using self-hosted WordPress, you are always eligible for AdSense but you site must comply with AdSense policy. This is best blogging platform to monetize blog.

*If you’re free WordPress, you’re not eligible for AdSense but you can use WordAds if you have your own custom domain.

Benefits of using Google AdSense
We all know Google, it is heart of internet. Once it was shutdown for 2-3 minutes and 40% web traffic gone down.

  • It is a program of Google, so everybody trust it.
  • It is pay-per-click program i.e. when a person coming to your site click on AdSense ads, you get paid.
  • It display contextual ads i.e. it detect the keywords around and then displays the ads accordingly. For example, if you are writing a post on SEO, 90% ads would be related to SEO.

Another way AdSense shows ads is by using the cookie method. Based on user search history, they display targeted ads which convert better.

Google AdSense itself want you earn more with its programs, they show targeted ads so that you get more clicks, they provide certain tutorials to make you earn more.

4 Reasons, Google AdSense is heavy over others?

After getting your AdSense application approved, only you need to add code to your blog. That’s all and advertisement will start running on your blog.

It pays more

AdSense is a highly rated advertisement program which pays 68% of revenue coming from advertisers. But to get AdSense your site must comply with several AdSense policies that makes your blog better and within law. AdSense doesn’t approve all types of blog. It will give you the reason for not approving your blog.

One for all sites

I have used infolinks and bidvertiser, you have to add all of your site manually on which you want to display the ads. But this is not the case with AdSense, if your got AdSense approved for one site you can always use the same code on any number of site but websites must comply with the AdSense terms of service. You even don’t there permission to ad code to different site.

Dedicated Google AdSense help forum

AdSense has a separate support forum where experts are present 24×7 to help you. You will get your all problems solved. On support forum you can discuss the ways to increase AdSense earning.


Payment is the term we want to hear every now and then. With small advertising companies major problem is you will not get your payment on time. Even if you reach the threshold. And most of the time, some companies do fraud with their publishers.

Google is a Brand and would want to never ruin their credibility just because of shareholder money. Google AdSense is very fast in terms of making payment. You will never face issues regarding payment.

To track your AdSense earning easily, I suggest you to install Chrome Publisher Tool, with a single click you can check your earning but make sure you’re logged in.

What you think?

There can be other reasons too for selecting AdSense as an advertising network for your blog. Most of the people don’t AdSense to make money and use other strategy like affiliate marketing. Are you one of them?

Now I think you know very well about What is AdSense?

Use below comment sections to share your opinions for choosing and not choosing AdSense for monetization.

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