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In simple words evergreen niches where the information have consistent demand even as time passes or trends change.

Before starting a blog every online marketer has a sensible question in his mind that how to choose blogging niche so that they get traffic for lifetime even if they do not update their blog regularly.

Evergreen Niches – Yes this is a solution.

And blogging on any evergreen niches means people are not looking for making quick bucks and they want to make their blogging journey long.

What is an Evergreen Niche?

In simple words evergreen niches where the information have consistent demand even as time passes or trends change.

On these niches the content is not outdated and never will be outdated.

From a business perspective “evergreen niches is as one where you can create a product that will consistently sell well for years to come” for example, the products such as Aweber, MailChimp and many more.

They are providing email marketing services and they will be on demand unless no online marketer is left.

If I write on examples of evergreen niches it would not end even after 5000 words, so in short evergreen niche is a special market place which retains its vitality and provides engagement all year long.

Blogs can be divided into two categories: life style blogs and niche blogs.

You can either write about everything or you can end up writing about just one thing.

Niche blogs can when you will about just one thing and one thing alone.

Why do you write a niche blog because it’s where real traction and traffic happen for a blog? They take up less time and are focused on one point which makes it easier for a person to follow your blog.

List of top 10 evergreen niches


Most of the people consider this as one of the best evergreen niches for blogging. But I must say it is broken up into two ideas, updates and how-to-guide.

(a) Updates: This is not any evergreen niche rather a seasonal. Here we update people about everyday coming technologies in the market.

These are actually trending blog such TechCrunch and Mashable and receives huge amount of traffic.

These are seasonal evergreen niches which are constantly evolving and has the ability to change drastically overnight in directions we have never imagined.

(b) How-to-Guide: This is absolutely one of the top evergreen blogging niches where to people come to find solution to their common technical problems.

For example, How to create a boot-able USB. This is a common problem a person face while installing an OS using USB drive on a computer system. And this tutorial will never be outdated till there all computer systems are destroyed on globe.


A blog telling new entrepreneurs about the steps to start a blog or what career is needed. A blog telling us how to make money or guide us to earn money. How to run a business or how to start one.


It is an evergreen niches because everyone needs to keep a check on their health. Everyday people are browsing sites for losing weight, eating right and about nutrition.

It acts as a health education platform where you provide health remedies and many customers read it and act on it.

Moreover, with the increasing passion of internet (radiation are harmful for human organs) these problem will increase rather decreasing.

Personality Development

How to develop a talent, or blogs about similar problems that people are going through. People or students tend to relate with it much better.

Motivating people or teaching them leadership qualities is what is needed when you are writing such blogs.

These blogs deal with providing tips to change behaviors and attitudes that make a person distinctive.


There is no exception that food market is blooming and people have started searching for food recipes and its advantage and disadvantage over internet even in developing countries.

Everyone loves food and reading about it makes it much better. Writing about recipes of different food or talking about various cuisines makes it interesting for the reader.

Product Reviews

People want to know the opinions of other people if they come back from a movie they didn’t like. So owning a blog that tells about the reviews of different movies, videos are always beneficial as people connect to it through those.

The insight of a review helps you to build credibility. I recommended you not to lose touch with the product once the article is published.

Update it regularly, since many times products get several updates since your analysis – this shows your carefulness for your readers.

This activity doesn’t only help your blog readers to select better product and services but it also boosts your image and make an authority in your niche. Indirectly it shows you’re passionate about your niche.

Blogging Guide

A blog telling people how to make money online and how to make a website. Every blogger comes to blogging guide blog at some time, if they have a problem with their blogs.

One of the best ways to succeed as online blogger is by connecting and sharing blogging tips with other well known bloggers and site owners on the internet.

This niche is considered to be visited almost every type of blog owners to get tips for blogging, SEO and WordPress fixes.

For example, on Blogging Nuts bloggers comes to get SEO Tips.

Career Guide

If you are doing very well in your career or you know a lot about education then this niche is best for you.

Dating Tips

Telling people where they went wrong or how they can maintain their relationship is needed now a days.

That is when this niche comes up. Girls, young lovers or all together “youth” should be the main focus in this niche.

An online dating blog can cover the topics of dating, relationships, and sex, dating profile help, fashion tips and more.


These days anyone with a laptop and internet access can start their own sports blog meaning it can be very hard to make yours a successful one.

But that doesn’t mean you should shelf your dream for fear of failing. By following our tips below you’ll be well on your way to owning and running a successful blog.

Almost everyone loves sports so reading about it online makes it fun for them.

Any forum where they can have a discussion about different sports topic.

Did I miss any evergreen niche?

I researching a lot of blogs I gathered this list of best evergreen niches to star blogging but if you have better blog niche ideas then I would love to include it on my list.

If you found this information helpful please share it on your social media site and with your friends.

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