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The blog was started on 31.12.2018, and I named it since I wanted this platform to be offering free advice for Sri Lankan.

Hello World,

I am a programming nerd, so I thought it’s best to start with the above opening statement.

Hi, thanks for your interest in reading this post.

We are Anthony brothers Alston and Delon. You can learn more about us on this page.

I created Advice.LK blog on 31.12.2018, but I didn’t get enough time to work on it due:

  • Bomb blasting incidents in Sri Lanka Learn more
  • Moving my family to India from Colombo
  • Launch of SaaSPirate

So after the initial launch this time, I am partnering with my brother Delon to launch the newly redesigned Advice.LK blog.

Launch of Advice.LK – First Step to Success

The blog was started on 31.12.2018, and I named it since I wanted this platform to be offering free advice for Sri Lankan.

Also created it to record my Sri Lankan entrepreneurial journey and, at same time, help fellow entrepreneurs to succeed in their digital journey.

I have been in the digital business since 2010 and went through so many failures before earning my first pay of around 15 dollars. (Full story at

So long story short now, I am a digital entrepreneur with several international and local digital projects, niche & authority websites, and the co-founder of Maxinium with my brother, a Sri Lankan-based digital marketing company.

We are happy to say that we don’t work a traditional job like 9-6. Instead:

  • We work when we want
  • We are our boss
  • Getting a stable income through multiple channels
  • We take on clients and projects only if we like it
  • We get to spend time with my family
  • We have time to follow our hobbies
  • And mainly we work to achieve our dream, not someone else.

This blog just out of the oven now (what we thought that time). So I don’t have any big crazy ideas or plans for it, but I hope soon I will able to decide what path I should take with it.

This is how the blog looked after the initial launch.

advicelk first screenshot

Redesign of Advice.LK – The Big Change

Finally, after settling my family in India and SaaSpirate’s successful journey with over 10,000 visitors a month and reaching over 1000 members in the official entrepreneur’s group.

We decided to relaunch the Advice.LK Blog, and the reason was:

  • We want the blog to be interactive to the Sri Lankan reader.
  • We brainstormed and organized the website to cover all the areas of blogging and internet marketing which Sri Lankan struggle with.
  • I was able to convince my brother also to take part in it.
  • 100x times better design than the previous version.
  • Gave much more importance to the blog because of the rise in unemployment in the World.

To see the new design just go here

Short Term Plans for Advice.LK

  • Create a guide on what is digital market and why you need to focus on it?
  • Write a blog and record video on “How to create a blog” ultimate guide with step-by-step tutorials
  • Create a guide on how to create Adsense website and start earning from it.

Wow, I think now this post is getting long, so let me stop here.

Since we are new, we need your help more than you, so please share our website on your social media or with your friends to help us grow and provide even better content & resources for you.

Let’s succeed together.

As a digital education expert, Alston Antony is based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India and specializes in entrepreneurship, SEO, SaaS, and Artificial Intelligence. In the ever-changing business and technology landscape, Alston's dedication to equipping individuals with crucial digital skills showcases his drive for success. In today's fiercely competitive digital arena, Alston prioritises holistic learning that supports aspiring entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts by providing them with the necessary knowledge and tools for achieving success.

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